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Alpo Martinez Concealed Identity w/ MASK At Halloween party; Thought He Was SAFE!! (PICS)

MTO News broke the report yesterday that the infamous Alpo Martinez was killed at 3:00AM in the Harlem neighborhood he once terrorized. Alpo was a notorious drug kingpin who was later convicted in the 1980s of murdering about a dozen people from Harlem.


He was sentenced to 35 years but was released from prison early, after the former murderer agreed to testify against other high ranking Harlem drug dealers.

So why did Alpo think he could attend a Harlem Halloween party and survive?

MTO News learned that Alpo wore a disguise. According to reports, Alpo wore a Jason Voorhies mask, which he believed would conceal his identity.

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Here's alleged pictures of Alpo at the party, wearing his Halloween costume.


Alpo was shot while sitting in his car, waiting outside of the party at 3:00AM. Police believe that someone inside recognized the infamous street legend - and decided to take him out.

MTO News learned that Alpo was shot multiple times, but managed to drive away. The former drug dealer/shooter drove a few blocks away, before dying behind the wheel - and crashing into a parked car.