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Allison from the hit VH1 series Black Ink suffered a terrible loss this morning.

Allison, who has a recurring role on Black Ink NY, is best known on the show for being Sky's best friend.

In real life Allison's son Joshua have been fighting to stay alive for the past few months. The 14 year old boy had serious health problems. 

Four years ago, Allison learned that Joshua had brain cancer. At first the effects of the disease were minor. But as it progressed, the young man became more and more ill.

Early yesterday morning, Joshua was called home. MTO sends its prayers and condolences to his mom Allison, and all Joshua's family and friends.

Here is a pic of the handsome young man:

Here are pics of him shortly before he transitioned:

Longtime viewers may recall that it was Allison who Sky introduced to Ceaser during Season 5 after he and Dutchess broke up. They met up at a bar but Sky dipped out to make a phone call and didn’t come back.

At that time, Allison had red hair, not blonde. The consensus from fans was that Ceaser should definitely give her a chance — especially since Allison didn’t work at the shop so he wouldn’t be mixing business with pleasure this time.

We're praying for Allison and her family as they deal with this tragic loss.