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Alleged WHITE SUPREMACIST Knocks Out Black Man . . . STOMPS His Genitals . . . ON LIVE!!!


MTO News located a very disturbing video, showing a man being described as a "suspected" White Supremacist attacking an unconscious Black man. The video was taken in London, where What Supremacist attacks are on the rise.

The video shows an unconscious man being punched while he's down. And then the unthinkable happens. The attacker - who is suspected to be a White Supremacist - pulls down the Black man's pants and stomps on his genitals.

Here is the video - Graphic

During the Jim Crow era in the United States, White supremacists would frequently remove Black men's pants and attack their genitals. This beating was reminiscent of one o those attacks.

MTO News has been told that police in London are looking into the matter.

Here is the video - Graphic