Alleged White Chicago Gang Member Named 'W*gger' Murders Black Marine!!


An 18 year old Caucasian man that police say is a member of a Chicago gang, was charged with murdering a decorated US Marine, who was Black.

Chicago police charged 18-year-old, Ryan Munn, with first-degree murder who they say goes by the street name "W*gger." According to police W*gger pushed an African American Marine veteran in front of a Red Line train last Tuesday.


The marine, Mamadou Balde, 29, was found dead when police arrived to the CTA Red Line at State on Tuesday. Mamadou was a decorated marine veteran, who served two tours in Afghanistan.

Police also arrested another alleged gang member, Fajour Hodges, 19. This is him:


Prosecutors say that the two men "jumped" Mamadou and pushed him in the tracks - where the marine fell in between two train cars.

He was dragged along the platform until his head and upper body ultimately slammed into a metal partition inside a tunnel. 

He was pronounced dead at the scene.