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Rapper/social media star Riff Raff went on social media claiming that he was being "extorted" by a group of people, for $1 million. 

Now - in what could be a coincidence - MTO News has learned that a person is looking to sell what is described as a "Riff Rafff s*xtape" online. The seller claims that the tape allegedly shows Riff Raff having a s*xual encounter with a transgender.

MTO News was not able to view the tape to verify its authenticity.

The vendor reached out to us to inquire whether we are interested in purchasing the tape. The tape was described as showing "Riff Raff f*cking a tr*nny." The seller did not offer any other specifics as to the alleged s*xtape.

But given Riff Raff's video yesterday, we have to wonder if the release of THIS WHAT is what he claims he was being blackmailed over.

The rapper said in the video:

“I got to make a statement to my friends, family and all, all my loved ones that I’ve been keeping a secret for the last four years,” he said in an Instagram video. “I’ve been extorted, blackmailed and demanded that I give $1 million cash to an escorting agency and to a fake ass lawyer who’s been running scams, working contingencies upon athletes and high-end celebrities.”