Eric Holder, the alleged killer of late rapper Nipsey Hussle reportedly shot him after Nipsey accused Holder of being a snitch.

The details come as the grand jury transcripts were unsealed on Thursday.

Deputy District Attorney John McKinney's revealed the info in his opening statement in May, alleging that Holder and his girlfriend pulled into a busy parking lot at the time to get food from a burger restaurant, per the Los Angeles Times.

Holder then laid eyes on Nipsey.

"Apparently, the conversation had something to do with [Hussle] telling Mr. Holder that word on the street was that Mr. Holder was snitching," McKinney said. 

"The conversation wasn't particularly intense. It wasn't particularly belligerent."

Nipsey was overheard asking Holder whether or not he had snitched. Holder got back into his car and drove away.

As his girlfriend was driving, Holder allegedly pulled out a gun and told the woman to drive around the block so that he could load the weapon. He then asked her to pull over before exiting the vehicle, walking over to shoot Nipsey several times before kicking him in the heads.

Nipsey Hussle's last words to him were, "You got me."

The girlfriend then alleges that Holder threatened to slap her if she did not drive away quickly.

The LA Times reports that she has been granted immunity for her testimony.