Alleged Baby Mama Of Tekashi 6ix9ine Says She Promised To Give Her Money If She Stayed Silent


Layna, the alleged baby mama of Tekashi 6ix9ine, says that the rapper offered to support her financially if she kept quiet and said nothing about their personal dealings.

But Layna says when he was released from prison, he went back on his word, despite the two keeping in regular contact while he was locked up in prison.

She said that the donation (which was ultimately rejected) by No Kid Hungry was all for attention.

"He did this to get a reaction," Layna told TSR. "I'm heartbroken for the baby… I'm always quiet and loyal."

She thinks he walked back on his promise because of his girlfriend, Jade.

"He lied and said he would start helping me when he's out," Layna said. "I did the most to be there for him… I've also been quiet because I don't want to seem bitter."

He's now ignoring her. So she is vowing to take him to court.

"I had hope for him and he let me down. I never had gotten a penny from him and I never did the most, I was just taking care of the baby all this time doing my best to ignore the girlfriend flaunting everything he's helping her with."