Actor Mahershala Ali won the Golden Globe Award last night for “Best Film Supporting Actor”  for his portrayal as Doctor Don Shirley in the film “Green Book.” This is the second Golden Globe he got in successive years. Last year Mahershala brought home another Golden Globe in 2017 for his starring role in the hit film “Moonlight.”

Mahershala has been married to wife Amatus Sami-Karim since the two met while Sami-Karim was enrolled at the Tisch School of the Arts, and have been married since 2013. 

Amatus is a "performative conceptual artist" - she makes music, produces films and creates theatre productions.

On her personal website, you can get to know her through her music by listening to her EP Broken Compass (start with the song "Punk.") or peep her music video for the lead single, "Messin'." Her talent and joyousness shines right through; both of these qualities seem to be through-lines in her work as well as the depiction of her life through her personal Instagram.

Amatus grew up on the South Side of Chicago across the street from the Cabrini Green Projects in her father’s Mosque. After dealing with multiple deaths to gun violence, she decided to put her experiences into her art.

Oh, and she's a ride or die chick. While Mahershala was a struggling actor - it was Amatus who paid all the bills so that he could get to where he is.


And they have a beautiful daughter together too:

In 2014, Ali told ELLE magazine just how meaningful Sami-Karim was to him: "She and I have known each other for a really long time [about] 17 years. So, at this point, she's seen a big shift in things, but at the same time, she'll ground me real quick if I start feeling myself a little too much. She's very real, like, seriously." Sami-Karim's stabilizing force has been a great comfort to Ali, who's own stardom has literally skyrocketed over the last handful of years with roles in House of Cards, The Hunger Games, Luke Cage, Moonlight, and the upcoming Hidden Figures.