Yesterday Andy Cohen and Bravo taped the Atlanta Housewives reunion show, and we have all the tea from the explosive show.

First off - there was drama between Gregg and Nene. Nene and Gregg have been fighting ever since he was diagnosed with late stage cancer. Gregg's been fighting for his life - but Nene claims he's become "grouchy" since developing the deadly disease, and threatened to divorce him.

At the reunion, Nene went hard at Gregg and told him how she felt. Gregg broke down and started crying on the set and begged Nene not to leave him. It was an extremely touching moment, and all the Housewives started crying for him - including Nene.

Nene was definitely made into the villain of the show. All the housewives basically went at her, except Marlo and Shamari. But it was Ben vs Tanya that caused the most fireworks. More on that later.

MTO News confirmed that as of this morning Nene UNFOLLOWED ALL HOUSEWIVES except Shamari and Marlo.

Marlo attended the show, even though her brother died just a few days ago. Her brother had a terrible accident, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He fought for a while, but eventually was called home last Saturday. Marlo put on a brave face and attended the reunion, but you could tell she wasn't her usual testy self.

The fashion theme of the show was futuristic Japanese. Everyone looked pretty good, but Eva and Shamari looked the best, both ladies were absolutely stunning.

The seating arrangement was as follows: Marlo - Eva - Cynthia - Porsha - Andy - Nene - Kandi - Shamari - Tanya

The biggest "read" of the evening came from Tanya Sam, she was giving it to Nene about being "fake." Tanya gave what many are calling an "intelligent read," she used her intellect to break down Nene to her core.

All in all, MTO News is told that the reunion was very "emotional," and exciting.

Be warned, this reunion show is so emotionally charged that it may cause viewers to get emotional and cry during viewing. Oh, and Tanya all but earned herself a peach next season for the way she gave it to Nene.

Here are a few receipts from people who were at the show: