Grammy-award winning artist Alicia Keys has announced that she will be releasing her memoir this November.

The book, ' More Myself' will reportedly be “part autobiography, part narrative documentary” and will be distributed through Oprah Winfrey’s publishing imprint.

“You know what’s really interesting is just recalling all of these places and spaces and the moments in your life that cause you angst or anxiety or proud moments, or things you have to work through,” Keys said about the upcoming book.

“And I wanted to call it a journey because I did not, I do not want it to be called a memoir.”

“You don’t have to compare yourself to anybody. You don’t have to try to be like somebody else, you don’t have to try to make other people who you want to please happy,” Keys continued. 

“You know, of course we want to be kind and loving to each other, of course. But the goal is that you are making yourself happy, that you are learning more about yourself, that you are able to identify who you are, what you like, what you love, what makes you feel magic.”

'More Myself' is due out on Nov. 5th