Swizz Beatz has a great wife, she gave him a $200K Aston Martin for his birthday. The only problem that some on social media have with the car, is the color - fluorescent lime green.

Swizz celebrated his 40th birthday on Friday - and Alicia threw her husband an amazing party. After the part was over, she gave her hubby the keys to the new sports car - which she paid for in full.

In the video, Alicia hushes everyone before a blindfolded Swizz steps out of a car. Alicia then leads Swizz into World of Wheels, where the Bronx native had been eyeing a 2019 Aston Martin Vantage. In order to keep the surprise intact, Alicia had told him that the car had been sold.

When asked where he thought his wife was taking him, Swizz said a “secret,” “ninja restaurant,” adding that, “my wife is always up to something.”

The first thing Swizz set to do in his new car was to go to the hospital. “My arm hurts, I ain’t gonna lie,” he said.

Swizz was VERY excited to be driving the new car. And told Alicia that he LOVED the color. According to Swizz, fluorescent green is the IT color this season.

Here are pics of Swizz with his new car: