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Alexis Skyy: I Don't Know What The Beef With Blac Chyna Is About!!

Alexis Skyy recently opened up about her long-running feud with Blac Chyna -- but Alexis says that she does not know why they are beefing and has no issues with Chyna.

She also spoke about the time Chyna put them paws on her.

"That was at a house party. I don't have a problem with Chyna. Everybody knows Chyna's crazy. Chyna is just Chyna. Chyna is a bad b*tch, I have no problems with her. She just came up to me like, 'Hey Lex, what's up?' We spoke. We were speaking about our kids. 'How's Laiya, how's everything going?' I'm asking about how Dream is. Next thing you know she's grabbing me. I'm like, the f*ck?" she told Hollywood Unlocked.

Alexis continued, "I honestly don't know what the beef is about. I've been friends with Rob [Kardashian] for so long, before she was even with him. We've never done anything." 

She said that following the incident, she went to Rob's house to hang out to be petty after Chyna humiliated her in the club.

Watch the interview below.