Love & Hip Hop NY star Alexis Skyy explained that neither Fetty Wap or suspected father Solo Lucci are willing to take a DNA test, to confirm which one is her daughter Alaiya father. 

Fetty is the most likely father of Alaiya, but Alexis revealed last night on Love & Hip Hop - that he's not willing to take a DNA test. If Alaiya belongs to Fetty, she would be his SEVENTH child from 6 different women.

The other possible father is Alexis' ex-boyfriend Solo Lucci from Love & Hip Hop. According to Alexis, Solo is unwilling to take the DNA test also. Look what she posted on Instagram yesterday:


According to Alexis, Lucci only wants to take the test in front of the Love & Hip Hop cameras, and she's not willing to do that.

Aliya needs a father in her life desperately. She was born at 23 weeks - a very early preemie - and has had four brain surgeries already. Doctors expect her to have a lifetime of health issues.