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Last June, the Real Housewives of Orange County's Alexis Bellino announced that she was divorcing her husband Jim. Now she's got herself a new boyfriend.

Jim and Alexis seemed like they had a happy marriage on the show, so fans were shocked when the couple announced the split. Alexis left the Bravo reality show after Season 8, and since leaving the show - she's been flying under the radar.

On Sunday Alexis stunned fans again, by posting pics of her new boyfriend, a man named Andy Bohn, on Instagram. 

The former housewife posted two photos with Andy over the weekend, both of them wearing Los Angeles Rams jerseys.

One of the photos of Alexis and Andy has a link to a brand new Instagram account, acbohn, in the caption. The profile bio states that it is ” just a fan page” for Alexis and Andy. Most likely, she set up her own couple’s fan page. 

In one of the photos of the two, Andy has his hand on Alexis’ belly. Some fans speculated that she might be expecting with er new bae. But Alexis quickly shut down the rumor, responding in the comments, “No I’m not preggers, he is holding my hand. But we wouldn’t mind one more in the future.”

According to PEOPLE, she commented on a black and white photo of her with Andy, telling fans that he is currently “married," adding that he is “in [the] middle of [a] divorce.”

While Alexis declared Andy "my forever" on Instagram, she was quick to shut down speculation she's pregnant given his hand placement in the photo — but she seems open to expanding her family someday: "No I’m not preggers, he is holding my hand. But we wouldn’t mind one more in the future."