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Alex Jones Is CAUGHT . . . Looking At TRANSGENDER P*RN . . . During His Show!!!


Right wing talk show host Alex Jones was caught - with transgender p*rn on his phone. And Alex exposed himself on his top rated show.

In the wake of Alex Jones’ social media ban, one of the videos he released included an ad for supplements he’s selling on his website. Several viewers quickly spotted something strange in the ad and they cut together short clips from the video that were re-released on YouTube and other sites.

Alex Jones is known for peddling conspiracy theories - many of which are RACIST - and for blindly supporting President Trump. Now he may also be known for something else -his watching of trans p*rn.

While using his phone on air, Alex accidentally showed viewers the TABS that he had open on his cell phone. Folks online screenshot the image, and started their detective work.

Jones clicks the screen, changing it from showing the one browser tab he’s talking about to nine thumbnail images of his open tabs. Savvy viewers quickly spotted what the middle left tab contained. The upside down image in the video has a title that starts with the words “naughty tbabe” — a transgender porn page.

It won’t come as a surprise to many in the LGBTQ community that someone fighting against their basic human rights also considers their very existence an exciting kink.

Here's the screenshot:


And it turns out that tab is to a very explicit transgender movie. We show a comparison below. Warning it is VERY graphic.

Graphic image

Here is the full video. Look at the tabs on his phone: