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Alabama Man Is Charged With RAPING A WOMAN . . . Then Posting Nekkid Pics And BRAGGING . . . On Social Media!!! (Details And PICS)

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A Franklin Count, Alabama man was arrested for the rape of an unconscious woman after he bragged about it on social media.

“Apparently, he not only bragged about it on social media, but he sent photos of her passed out,” Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver said. “I just don’t understand people.”

Oliver said Dennis Delglish Rosecrans, 34, of Ethan Avenue, Russellville, is charged with first-degree rape.

The sheriff said the rape reportedly occurred Sept. 20 at Rosecrans’ residence.

Investigators said the 29-year-old Russellville woman was apparently heavily intoxicated and passed out on the floor of Rosecrans' residence.

“He took advantage of the situation,” Oliver said. “It’s bad enough that not only did he apparently rape her, but then he brags about it to friends on social media.”

Investigators said Rosecrans is also accused of posting photos of the woman on social media.