Alabama Journalists BEAT Up On Live TV - For Recording Looters 'Faces'!!


Two reporters from local Alabama media outlets were beat up while covering the protests in the heart of downtown Birmingham on Sunday night.

The reporters were live stream broadcasting on Facebook, and the stream captured the shocking incident, which occurred right outside of Alabama Power Company’s headquarters.

The Birmingham protests started out peacefully, but the crowd began destroying a Confederate statue - which many see as an outrageous symbol of White supremacy and a constant reminder of the Jim Crow era right in the middle of the city's capital.

A melee ensued, when the reporters began filming the men who were destroying the statue - and were circulating the video to law enforcement.

When the crowd realized what the journalists were doing, they turned on them.  Watch as a group of masked men were recorded hitting Stephen Quinn with ABC 33/40 over the back of the head.

And then stomping him out.

Here is the video: