Alabama Cop RIPS OFF Innocent Black Woman's CLOTHES . . . STRANGLES HER . . . Inside Waffle House!! (VIDEO)

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MTO News obtained exclusive footage - and The Waffle House and the Mobile Alabama police department have a LOT of explaining to do. Last night a Black woman was allegedly RACIALLY PROFILED inside of Waffle House . . . and she ended up being BRUTALIZED, HUMILIATED, and possibly SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by the Mobile police.

MTO News confirmed that the incident took place inside of a Waffle House in the Alabama area.

The victim, Chekesia Clemons, and her friend were attempting to dine at the Waffle House - when they felt RACIALLY HARASSED by the staff there. The women began arguing with one of the waitresses - and the waitress CALLED THE POLICE on Chekesia.

In just a few minutes a group of officers showed up, and instead of trying to figure out WHAT happened - they immediately ATTACKED Chekesia, who was arguing with their waitress "Goldie."

The officer immediately then began PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING Chekesia. And as he was trying to "arrest" her - he is seem PHYSICALLY ripping off her clothes, and then strangling her.

At no point did Chekesia appear to be a physical THREAT to the officers.

Here is what happened:

At approximately 2:15am myself and my friend Chikesia Clemons enter the Waffle house and proceeded to dine in for food .. I then told this white Caucasian woman my order and ask could I have plastic utensils.. She then told me that it would be .50 cent . Lol I told her that I had just eaten there the night before and they didn’t charge me .50 cent and so on ..Shortly after and me my friend continued with our conversation and our rude ass waitress “Goldie” decided to put her two cents in on our conversation that had nothing to do ever th her .. I then read her rights and then canceled my order and walked out .. However my friend stayed behind to get a understanding while I waited outside only to have the cops called on her and to be treated this way .. After tonight I’m done with mobile police period ..I understand the priorities of them doing their job but tonight wasn’t it ..They made and me and friend feel unsafe and not welcome to the city of Saraland