Rapper Akon and his common law wife Tricia Ana are on the current season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Well MTO News has learned that the VH1 reality show was the death knell for their marriage.

Since the two were never legally married, Tricia doesn't have to actually "file" anything. She can just leave, and their "common law" marriage is considered over.

Akon and Trish's marriage has always been rocky. In the current season of the show, Trish and Akon broke up a year ago, and while the two were on break - Trish hooked up with Mickey Munday. And Mickey Munday used to be Akon’s artist.

Well now, we're told that Trish has a new man in her life - and that her relationship with Akon may be over.

Here are pics of Tricia and her new boyfriend, who we're told will appear later in this season of Love & Hip Hop.

Yes . . . it's getting real messy.