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When you go on Love & Hip Hop you can expect to get notoriety, and to get embarrassed.

Last week, MTO News reported that rapper Akon and his longtime companion Tricia signed on to star in the upcoming season of Love & Hiphop Hollywood.

Well, according to a top snitch, it went terribly wrong for the Senegalese rapper.

According to our inside snitch, Akon's wife Tricia was the one who actually signed on to join Love & Hip Hop. Akon merely signed on to make a few appearances, and support his wife.

MTO News learned that during the filming of the show Tricia BROKE UP WITH AKON - and started seeing a new man. And she did it in a very "messy" way.

The footage of Tricia dropping the 46 year old rapper is so embarrassing, tells our snitch, that Akon is fighting to have his image scrubbed from the series altogether.

The insider explained, "[Akon] has ask to take all scenes out [with him in it]. He's under contact for the appearances, so do know how it will play out."

Akon confirmed that he's hoping to not join the VH1 show. 

Here are pics of Akon's ex: Tricia Ana:

A few weeks ago, Billboard reported that, "Artist-producer-entrepreneur Akon and former Motown president/CEO Kedar Massenburg have added a new entry to their industry resumés: co-founders of the Akonik Label Group (ALG). Comprised of four record labels, ALG will be distributed globally by BMG and maintain offices in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

ALG’s four labels will sign and promote talent in the U.S., Europe and various regions around the world. The Akonik label will focus on creatives in the U.S. and Europe, while the Akonda label will foster Afro Beats talent. Latin America, inclusive of Mexico and Puerto Rico, will be the purview of the Ke Lo Ke label. Fourth label Jamakon will center on developing Caribbean artists. ALG plans to roll out its first wave of new singles and videos in the next 30 days.

In a press release announcing the launch of ALG, the venture is described as signaling "the first time an artist has established a multi-national, multi-cultural label group."

"Music is able to reach a global market with a touch of a button," Massenburg tells Billboard. “It’s 'global idol’ now versus American Idol. And the public has become the A&R for labels. We’re giving people a chance in other parts of the world that might not be heard. It’s an exciting time as the music industry reinvents itself.”