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Akbar V from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is going viral this morning - she made a video where she blasted her 5 babys fathers. And the reality star lost custody of all 5 children.

That's right guys - every one of her five kids has their own father. And none of them live with their mom, who is currently on a top VH1 reality show.

Akbar revealed to on the VH1 show that she has five kids, and none of them were in her custody. Apparently, the kids are all living with “relatives”. 

Yesterday she revealed more about her kids - after discussing their babys fathers.

Akbar told her fans that she no longer wants to have s*x with any of her babys fathers. The reality star explained, "I don't want any of my 5 babys fathers to try and sleep with me."

The blonde reality starlet claims that she still has a good relationship with 3 of her child's fathers. But she has a horrible relationship with two of them. She told fans, "I want the illuminati to get rid of two of [my babys fathers]."

As you can imagine, there are plenty of people who are shocked by Akbar's openness.

Here she is defending her past decisions: