Akbar From Love & Hip Hop . . . Allegedly Has THIRD WIFE!!! (Pics & Details)

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Abdul from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood openly talks about having two sister wives - Alejandra and Sade. Well according to a new online report - he may have a THIRD WIFE in Dallas.

According to the reports, Akbar has ANOTHER wife, a beautiful woman from Dallas. 

An Instagram blogger found a woman's page which had photos of Akbar on it. The woman whose page it was also had the last name "Abdul-Ahad" - suggesting that she's also his wife.

Akbar is making waves on the current season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, after he tried to recruit Teairra Mari to join his harem.

Below is the alleged woman and her Instagram page:

Pics of Akbar's Alleged THIRD wife

Pics of The woman's Instagram page

Here's Akbar in the car with with what appears to be the same woman:

Earlier this month MTO News heard rumors that Teairra Mari and Akbar are back together. Two months ago, Teairra accused Akbar of allegedly leaking a s*x tape of them online. Well now she appears to have forgiven him.

New video that was leaked yesterday by Akbar suggests that the two of them are still together.

Akbar released footage showing his "wife" Alejandra arguing with Teiarra in front of his apartment. Apparently the two ladies must have mixed up their schedules and showed up to see Akbar AT THE SAME TIME.

Recently Akbar's other wife Sade spoke with TheJasmineBrand and his wife said that:

"I think Teairra is one delusional individual. She knew about me but didn’t care. She wanted Akbar to leave me and be with only her. She spoof app’d me calling my phone as if she was Akbar. She also called me from 10 different numbers and I still to this day don’t know how she even got my number! She stalks my IG page and has created several fake pages to leave nasty comments under my pictures."