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SHOCK VIDEO: Man Gets Into A SHOOTOUT In Broad Daylight . . . His Ak-47 JAMMED . . . And It Was A WRAP FOR HIM!!!


A man was shot and killed by security guards during a cash-in-transit heist attempt near Multichoice’s Randburg offices on Tuesday morning – South Africa – right outside of a nursery school!

A group of robbers attempted to rob the folks in a vehicle, but it all went wrong.

In the video a man dressed in a black shirt and shorts and a balaclava over his head standing next to the white truck while simultaneously firing shots at what the security guard. As shots are fired back, the man runs alongside the vehicle, attempting to climb in, before falling the ground clutching his stomach. The black Ford Fiesta then backs up and drags him into the car.

Netcare911 spokesperson Tebogo Magoro made the following statement:

“Reports from the scene indicate that this was an attempted cash-in-transit heist. Shots were fired between the two parties, leaving one suspect in his thirties with fatal injuries… The armed robbers abandoned two of the vehicles they were travelling in, in close proximity to the scene – leaving the deceased suspect in one of the cars, before hijacking another vehicle and fleeing the scene. The driver of the hijacked vehicle was female and thankfully not injured.”
Police officials said they would comment on the matter during the course of the day.

The gunman would have escaped – except his AK-47 jammed at the wrong time. It was a wrap for him then: