A woman was slapped and beaten on an American Airlines flight yesterday, MTO News has learned, after another passenger accused her of using racist slurs. 

Here is the video - warning contains graphic language

The incident happened yesterday, aboard a domestic flight in the United States.

It all started when a White female passenger, who appeared to be intoxicated, began running off at the mouth. The woman sitting next to her - who is African American - claims that the White woman called the flight attendant a "n*gg*r."

The woman then began yelling at the inebriated passenger over her alleged use of the racist epithet.

Then the White woman appeared to call the Black woman a 'n*gg*r" and that's when all hell broke loose.

The Black woman stood up, grabbed the woman by her head, pushed her into the seat and nearly choked her out, but the flight attendants eventually separated the two women.

It's not clear what happened to either woman when the airplane landed. MTO News reached out to American Airlines for comment, but did not receive a response.

Here is the video - warning contains graphic language