Aggressive NYC Police Officer Beat Up; Crowd Cheers & Laughs!!


An overly aggressive New York City police officer was beat up, while a crowd of onlookers cheered his assailant, MTO News has confirmed.


The incident occurred in the Bronx on July 1, but has been going viral all over social media.

The video shows an officer was placed in a headlock, and "choked out" by an unarmed man. And then the cop was tossed onto the ground like a rag doll, while the assailant fled and the crowd laughed.

The officer seemed to be aggressively pushing the unarmed assailant, and the cop rushed the man - who defended himself.

The cop, whose name has not been released, suffered a gash on his head from the tussle. He needed two staples to close the cut.

The entire incident was caught on tape:

MTO News reached out to the NYPD who tell us that they identified the assailant, as Wisnel Manzueta, 29, or "Rata" as he's known in the hood. Police told us that Winsel surrendered alongside his lawyer last week, and was released immediately without charges.

The Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark’s office deferred prosecution, MTO News has confirmed. That means Wisnel remains free as prosecutors continue to investigate the case and weigh whether charges are merited.

To many on social media, Wisnel is becoming a hero.