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After blowing $97M, Latrell Sprewell Asks For 35k To Help Sick Granddaughter!

NBA star is asking fans to donate to him $35,000 so he can get treatment for his very sick granddaughter, MTO News has learned. Sadly, the child has leukemia.


Here's what Latrell posted on GofundMe.

Hi Everyone My name is Latrell Sprewell yes correct!!! The former NBA player. I am in need My granddaughter is battling cancer. So any donations will help my granddaughter Tessa beat cancer she is very 1 year old and is fighting . Anything will do but I would just like to try to save her life she means the world to me and her mother. Thank you for everyone taking the time to donate. She has been Diagnosed with leukemia.

Latrell had a bunch of mishaps throughout his NBA career. But nothing was as bad as his decision in 2004 when The Timberwolves offered him a $14.6 million extension that could’ve made amassed him anywhere from $27 to 30 million over the next couple of years - but he declined their offer:

“Why would I want to help them win a title? They’re not doing anything for me. I’m at risk. I have a lot of risk here. I got my family to feed,” Sprewell said back in the day.


He bet on himself and he lost - because he underperformed all year long. Sprewell was expecting the Timberwolves to take their offer up a notch or draw interest from another team in the league, but given his character issues and age, it didn’t happen and Sprewell never played another minute of NBA basketball again.

Then in 2007, he left his wife, and that family he had to feed sued him for $200 million. He lost his yacht, defaulted his $1.5 million mortgage, had to pay over $3 million in taxes, and later lost his other house.