The coronavirus has hit Africa, and in particular the African nation of Senegal. Before today, there were 79 cases in Senegal. A large chunk of those are from the more rural Diourbel region.

The nation's president Macky Sall gave a presidential address two days ago and announced the following:

School is closed for three months (it had been closed for only three weeks.

He declared a national state of emergency.

There is a 8:00 pm curfew. State security officials will enforce the curfew.

All public gatherings cancelled for the next month including Independence Day parade, etc.

All mosques closed. 

These changes to daily life invited protests resulting in huge gatherings of people. Here's a video: 

They are singing “Coronavirus will not be here” 

And last night, state officials began whipping the people who refused to follow the curfew. Under normal circumstances, they would be beaten, but the state officials don’t want to touch them because of coronavirus. 

There are many brutal videos circulating on social media.

Here is a photo of one of the whipped men, cropped to hide his identity.