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Meet The DISABLED AFRICAN WOMAN . . . Who The International Press Says . . . 'LIVES IN A BUCKET'!!

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There's a sad story coming out of Nigeria, Africa.

A 19-year-old girl named Rahama Haruna is making headlines. The disabled young woman was photo'd by Reuters and they said that she "lives in a bucket."

But that only tells PART OF THE STORY. You see, the beautiful Rahama still has a great outlook on life.

She was recently interviewed by a Spanish language paper and told the reporters, "I've learned to grow without friends in life. My family are the only friends I have. It took a long time to understand that not all people are equal. I do not care. I consider myself lucky to be alive."

She survives by asking for charity on the side of the road. And she has a family that loves her, and cares for her.