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AFRICAN Rapper Affiliated w/ Drake Disses Black Americans: 'They Have No Culture'!!!

There's a very heated war brewing on Black Twitter, after a popular Nigerian rapper from Toronto made some extremely disrespectful comments towards Black Americans, MTO News has learned.


The rapper, who goes by the name Pressa, said that Black Americans, "have no culture" and that they "don't even know what island they from."


Pressa is best known for being very active in the streets of Toronto, and for dating female rapper Coi Leray. 

According to social media reports, Pressa is a street dude that's very quick to let his gun pop. So don't expect any rappers to come out and say anything publicly about the Nigerian rapper's disrespectful comments.


Pressa's offensive comments are being re-tweeted all across Black Twitter and has opened up a heated debate highlighting the friction that sometimes exists between Black Americans (also called "American Descendants Of Black Slaves") and Black immigrants.

Many Black Americans feel that what Pressa is saying - is a dangerous and erroneous and dangerous belief is shared by many Black immigrants. And Black Twitter is trying to quash this line of thinking from all Black people.

Fans are asking Drake to cut ties with his "African shooter" and for Coi Leray (who is Black American) to dump the rapper.

The debate is currently heating up on Black Twitter. As of this morning, Wassa Wassa was one of the top trending topics in the United States.

Here's a video of Pressa, hanging with his homie Drake - who is half Black American: