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Adult Film Star Tia Sweets Looks Terrible Now; Open Onlyfans Page!! (Graphic)

Tia Sweets was one of the most popular adult film stars of the 2000s. Well MTO News has an update on Tia. Now she looks like hell but is still trying to get paid in the adult industry and recently opened an Onlyfans page.

Here are some old pics of Tia Sweets:


And here is her now at age 39. Keep in mind that she has MUCH more graphic pics on her IG PAGE:


Tia popped up on social media a few months ago, telling her fans that she planned on re-joining the adult industry. And a few days ago, she launched her Onlyfans page. According to Tia, fans will be given exclusive adult content on her page.

When pictures of Tia showing how bad she looks now leaked, she went viral. And folks on Twitter are ruthlessly roasting her. Here's what some people are saying:

looks like a sweaty alien

She mustve been living a hard life

Many of these porn stars use drugs, bad food , liquor a gazillon sexual soul ties and voila 

looking like a overcooked boiled egg.

99% of HOES turn out this way. *ytches f**king randoms for money ruins their minds bodies and souls.