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Adult full, star Teanna Trump is in financial trouble, and now she's homeless.

Teanna made the shocking revelation on Live yesterday. The former adult film star told fans that she has been unable to rent a home in Los Angeles, because of her felony conviction. And as a result, she's "homeless."

Teanna was sentenced to 180 days in jail after pleading guilty to a marijuana charge, according to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. She was originally charged in March 2015 with felony marijuana possession with an intent to distribute. 

Trump was released from prison in December of 2016. She started a GoFundMe and Venmo [44] to "help her get her life back on track."

Here she is discussing her dilemma:

Teanna has starred in over 200 adult movies. Given that she was only in the business for two years, that means on average filmed about 100 movies a year.

And she was promiscuous even before doing movies. Teanna admitted in an interview that she had 86 s*x partners in high school.

According to Complex, In an interview with No Jumper, adult film star Teanna Trump said she had sex with an Indiana Pacers player when she was 16 years old. "The person that got me into porn was a Pacers player, I was 16 years old," she revealed without saying names. "He hit me up on Instagram... We had pictures [and] videos of me 16 and having sex with this man."

Of course, folks took a look at who was on the Pacers roster when Teanna was 16. The list includes Paul George, George Hill, Roy Hibbert, and Lance Stephenson.

When telling the story to Adam 22, Teanna Trump also stressed that this "really famous person" didn't "freak out" when she told him her age.

"I told him a couple years ago, 'How old do you think I am?' And he said some dumb shit like '26.' I was like, 'No, and when I met you I was 16,'" she continued. She also said that a hacker allegedly got hold of videos of her and the unnamed player.