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Legendary adult film actor Sean Michaels is making news - by starring in a film with transgenders. Typically adult male stars either operate in LGBT movies, or traditional adult films - not both.

Well now that's starting to change.

Sean Michaels is now starring in a bunch of "trans" movies being sold online. Officially Sean still considers himself "straight", but he is having unprotected s*x with transgenders in the films. Here is one of his latest films:


And how's Sean doing. Well - he doesn't look so good.

Here's a video of him now - he lost a bunch of weight and looks like he may have health issues.

Michaels made his directorial debut in 1991 with the films My Baby's Got Back and In Loving Color. He started Sean Michaels Productions in 1993, which became Sean Michaels International in 1997 when Anabolic Video began handling its distribution. According to an adult film news web page, in 2003 Michaels was issued a cease and desist order by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on the use of his name due to the similarity it had to WWE wrestler Shawn Michaels. According to the same adult film web page, Sean's name was already registered as a trademark, while Shawn Michaels had not registered his moniker.