Adult Film Star LETHAL LIPPS Gets Into Car Accident . .. Needs RECONSTRUCTIVE Surgery!

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Adult film star Lethal Lips got into a bad car crash - and now she needs to get facial reconstructive surgery.

Lethal Lipps, real name Monique DeClou,  was involved in a devastating car crash on a North Carolina Highway - that left her BADLY scarred. Her head crashed through the windshield - leaving a nearly 6 inch SCAR on her face.

She had insurance - and it covered her initial doctors bills, including the stitches. But now she has a giant scar on her face. Now Monique is looking to get that fixed

 Here is her image:


Here's what she used to look like:


Monique is hoping to raise the $15K needed to fix her face permanently. This is what she told fans on her GoFundMe page:

I am trying to raise this money to have the necessary surgeries to keep the appearance of my eyesocket and thigh . Cosmetically appealing the drs have so far done right by me as for making my sure I'm out of harm's way.. but I do not have enough to remove my insecuritesit is not a mandatory surgery in the drs eyes but .. I don't know if I would be able to be comfortable with that . To be able to sustain me as I will not be able to work at this time thank you .

In an Instagram caption she also encouraged fans to donate:

I haven't been really posting because I've been trying to recover since the nearly fatal car accident in North Carolina after I post about car troubles .. .. I'm now home and trying to recuperate, so far a lot of strains, stitches, bruises I was told i have to return to follow up light surgery was performed .. more may be required .. thank God for @bmw I wouldn't have made it out alive if it wasn't for that car. Any help would be appreciated the link is in my bio.. thank you (I'm the person in this video from Monday being placed on a stretcher into the ambulance I was run off the road.. by a commercial work truck)