Jazmine Cashmere was one of the most prolific pornstars in history. The beautiful Jazmine starred in more than 100 adult films.

But now she's turned her life around - and has become a born-again Christian. Actually, she's gone a bit further than that. Jazmine's now a Christian pastor, preaching to hundreds of Christians every Sunday.

Jazmine, who now goes by her real name, Nicole B. Jones, heads a church in Chicago and preaches to her followers both in church and on social media.

In her sermons, she talks about the horrors of being involved in the adult industry, and how God helped her to change her life around. She uses her life story to connect with people who struggling issues of past abuse and low self esteem, and is a model for those who looking to turn their life around - those especially who others thought were beyond redemption. 

Here are some of her messages:

Jazmine had a prolific adult film career. In addition to appearing in adult movies, Jazmine has had a number of adult industry jobs.  She modeled lingerie, was an exotic dancer, and an escort. 

In 2009, she shared an industry award with another adult actress and was the recipient of Urban X's Award for Best An*l Performer.