There's a bit of gossip bubbling up from behind the scenes on the daytime hit series The Real.

You see, one of their hosts Adrienne Baillon hasn't been wearing her wedding ring recently. Adrienne appeared on the red carpet of the People's Choice Awards yesterday, and she was ringless.

Now for most married women - not wearing your ring for the past week wouldn't be a big deal. But all you The Real watchers knows that Adrienne is one of those married ladies that ALWAYS HAS TO LET EVERYONE IN THE ROOM know that she's married.

What's even more startling is that today is Adrienne's anniversary. So when the clock struck 12 AM, she was at a Los Angeles event ringless with her girlfriends.

Here's Adrienne last night:


Adrienne has been married to gospel singer Israel Houghton for the past 2 years - and today's their anniversary. The couple got engaged after just 6 months of dating.

When the two met - it was a bit of a scandal. Israel was married with 4 children, when the two started dating.

Back in August, BET reported that "Adrienne Bailon has been transparent about her fertility struggles ever since she married singer Israel Houghton in 2016. Though her courageous admissions are usually received with tons of support from her fans, a handful of trolls seem to find their way through. One comment recently captured Houghton's attention, and motivated him to stand up for his wife."

In response to a video, the gospel singer posted to Instagram, commemorating the three-year anniversary of the day he proposed to Bailon, one commenter rudely wrote, "3 years and no kids."

Not letting this one slide, as he's done in the past, Houghton essentially told the troll to mind his business.

"Tyson, my brother. Do you really want this smoke right now," he wrote. "I'm gonna let you go and find something worth worrying about. In the meantime and in between time: May I suggest perhaps an online etiquette class? Couple things you don't inquire about — women's age, women's weight, and as someone eloquently put it in these comments — unless invited STAY OUT of a woman's uterus."