Adrien Broner has threatened to shoot any gay followers who try and shoot their shot in his DM's.

The boxer has been going back and forth with Andrew 'Delivert' Caldwell after Caldwell claimed that Broner was gay. Caldwell alleges that Broner has been in his DM's for four months, but has not yet brought the receipts.

Broner denies the allegations and says that since Caldwell's claims, many gay fans have tried to holla at him.

But his new message has left some fans shocked:

"If any f*g, punk ass n*gga come run up on me, trying to touch me on all that gay shit, I'm letting you know right now, if I ain't got my gun on me, I'm knocking you the f*ck out," Broner said in a now-deleted post.

 "If I got my gun on me, I'm shooting you in the fucking face, and that's on God and them. I'm not playing with none of these n*ggas. I don't like gay sh*t."

Did he go too far?