Adidas Staffers to Reportedly Protest 'Racist Work Environment'

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Employers of sportswear giants Adidas are reportedly gearing up to protest in response to the company's alleged racist working environment.

Adidas Originals Assistant Apparel Director Julia Bond sent an email to the brand's North American leadership this week, blasting the brand's "consistent complacency" regarding the matters at hand. 

"My existence at this brand is praised as diversity and inclusion, but when I look around, I see no one above or around that looks like me," Bond reportedly wrote. "I can no longer stand for Adidas' consistent complacency in taking active steps against a racist work environment. This is not business as usual."

She spoke to Footwear News, adding that "Adidas has shown that there is a high tolerance for racism…How many times have I gone into HR about a racist incident—only to be met with responses about the inflictors intent versus their impact-thus negating my experience?" Bond's note reportedly reads.

Adidas is a clothing brand that has repeatedly been accused of racial discrimination and bias.