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Adam22 Apologizes To DJ Akademiks For Smear Campaign Against Black Men

Adam22 faced backlash recently after he allowed Celina Powell and a friend to hop onto his podcast and make allegations against several high profile Black men -- including DJ Akademiks.

Following Celina's recent claims that Odell Beckham Jr. has a sexual poop fetish, DJ Akademiks called him on his Twitch station and called him out over his antics once again.

This time, Adam22 seemed apologetic. He apologized for his videos about Akademiks as well as his overall attempts to use salacious stories about Black men for views.

Ak told the podcaster that he had made a shift from genuinely trying to help rising rappers to "chasing the money." Adam22 seemed to say that he was now leaning towards porn -- as he and his girlfriend, Lena the Plug's OnlyFans is taking off.

Ak accepted the apology. Did he let him off too lightly or is Adam22's admission and apology enough?