Husband: Atlanta Housewives LaToya Ali's New Man Is A Male Escort!!

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Adam Ali, the former husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star LaToya Ali, is claiming that her new boo, Von, is a male escort.

He made the claims in a scathing video posted to Youtube.

"Homie, long story short, you're a male escort You'll do anything for clout."

He continued: "The receipts are there. I can't spare you any more. And I'm only doing this unfortunately because you've been paper cutting me. You're really trying to play this daddy, big daddy, stepdaddy role way too fast. Keep your hands away from my child, my daughter. Don't play with me."


During a recent video, LaToya claimed Von bought them matching Rolexs. Adam says it's all a lie.

"She bought her own self a rollie. The only thing honey is you forgot to have the receipt sent to your house. It got sent over here. And in fact, you put it on credit. That's a d*mn shame. And then you attributed the rollie, the chain or whatever to the dude to make him seem like your protector. He's a provider. You're going out sad."

Adam showed viewers the receipt.