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Actress ZENDAYA Was Dressed Up Like A DANG FOOL . . . At The VANITY FAIR Party Last Night!! (You GOTTA See This)


Zendaya tried something DIFFERENT at last night’s Vanity Fair Pre-Oscar bash in Hollywood.
And well . . . It didn’t work.

The actress wore a Marc Jacobs zoot suit (straight from the Spring 2018 runway to the Vanity Fair and Lancome Paris Toast Women in Hollywood party in Los Angeles.

Zendaya has always been known to take huge risks when it comes to fashion. They haven’t always worked, but fans of hers love her boldness.

“I try to be the best that I can be, so that for whatever young person is watching me, it inspires them to be the best version of themselves as well. I want other young people to speak their minds, learn, and grow. I just stay to myself, minding my own business…” she said during an interview with CR Fashion Book.

The Zoot Suit consists of large shoulder pads, sprawling lapels and peg leg pants which grew out of the “drape” suits popular in Harlem dance halls in the mid-1930s. By the 1940’s they were worn mostly by working-class minority males, and many will recognize them from the Spike Lee movie, Malcolm X.

Social media reactions to her outfit were mixed:

“that zendaya pic floating around makes her look like the cartoon Tom Cat in a zoot suit 😂😂😂 ”

“Zendaya out here rocking that ZOOT SUIT 🙇🏾‍♂️😅.. *whispers* (still fine tho) ”

“Zendaya rocking that Zoot Suit is almost as iconic as Tom 😌”

“Zendaya look fly in that zoot suit deadass tho”

“This reminds me of the Janet Jackson “Alright With Me” video!”

“This girl can pull of anything she’s soooo amazing 😫”