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Actress Yara Shahidi: I'm NOT Lite Skinned . . . And I Want Black People To STOP Calling Me THAT!!


Actress Yara Shahidi is UPSET that many Black people consider her to be lite skinned. Yara, who is biracial, spoke out about it to Essence magazine. Here's what she said:

I get that within the Black community there are a couple of us who are chosen, not by any fault of our own, to represent [everyone],” she said. “But I’ve been the same character for five years…I am not out here in a ton of movies and a ton of TV shows.”

“[I began to see that] people have constantly had to deal with things that slowly chip away at their identity. These microaggressions make you feel like you’re never enough,” she said. “I realized that if I still experience it on a level of being socioeconomically privileged, then I’m not even experiencing half of it.”

“I’m brown-skinned. I personally don’t view myself as light-skinned,” she said. “I also understand I’m not dark-skinned. I don’t know how to classify myself, but when you see me, unless you hear my name, no one’s like, ‘That’s a young Iranian girl.'”