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Actress Vivica Fox Reportedly Gets 'CHIN IMPLANT' . . . Pics Of Her NEW FACE!!!


Actress Vivica Fox has been looking particularly good lately. But recently, she appears to have undergone another facial procedure - that changed the ways he looks.

Vivica showed off her new face while filming on the set of Empire. So far people are SPLIT in their reviews of Aunt Viv's new face. On one end of the extreme there are her die hard fans - who love the way that Vivica looks.

But on the other end of the spectrum are Vivica's haters - who believe that adding her "new chin" further destroyed her looks forever.

Whatever you think about her looks, Vivica has been getting more and more acting gigs in recent years. We're told that she has a number of BIG BUDGET films in production.


Vivica has seemingly received a lot of MODIFICATIONS over the years. And the star has in fact come a long way since those early days of her acting in television soap operas. 

Although it’s very common for women celebrities in Hollywood to undergo some plastic surgery procedure, many celebrities in the limelight has become addicted to these plastic surgery procedures since it’s become an obsession to look youthful and glowing by going under the knife, even if it’s cost is risking your life.

Viv calls her transformations “little tune up”, slightly admitting that she did in fact go under the knife. The alleged plastic surgery procedures that were reported  were for her breasts, nose and face.