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Thandie Newton and her daughter Nico Parker look like they could be twins.

The mother and daughter duo were spotted by paparazzi arriving back at their hotel in New York after an afternoon of holiday shopping. 

The 'Westworld' actress and her mini-me were stylishly bundled up in all black against the chilly New York weather.

Folks on social media are pointing out how much Nico looks like her mom. Both ladies are very pretty, and have the exact same facial features, which is a lot rarer than you think.


Children receive half of their genetic material from their father, and half from their mother. 

The genes interact and combine in millions of ways, which is how we get a genetically unique human being each time (with the exception of identical births). 

It is important to know about genotype vs phenotype. Genotype is the actual genetic material contained within the cells. Phenotype is the observed characteristics that we see (blue eyes, body shape, etc). So while all children's genotype is half mom, half dad, their phenotype may look more like one parent or the other.

In the case of her and mother Thandie - they definitely share the same phenotype.


Newton married English writer, director, and producer Ol Parker in 1998. They have three children: daughters Ripley (b. 2000) and Nico (b. 2004), and son Booker Jombe (b. 2014). Her daughters were named after the character Ellen Ripley in the Alien films and the singer Nico.

Newton had home births with all three of her children. She is vegan and was named PETA’s “Sexiest Vegan of 2014” in the UK.