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Actress Tessa Thompson sat down with Marie Claire, where she spoke candidly about pay gaps in the industry.

But according to Tessa, Black women are still trailing far behind their white peers when it comes to their paychecks.

"When we talk about issues of pay equity, that means something different to Natalie Portman than it does to me," the 'Creed' actress said. "Women who are not of color are talking about pay equity with men. [We] are so far away from that."

"I look at actresses who are not of color and at the opportunities that they're presented in terms of directors wanting to make work for them," she later added. "When I look at my contemporaries of color, it's only other artists of color who are doing that in a real, robust way."

The stunning actress is currently starring in the movie 'Men in Black: International' otherwise known as 'MIB: 3.'

Check out the pop quiz she did with the publication: