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Actress Sanaa Lathan Releases NEW VIDEO . . . Showing Off Her COMPLETELY BALD HEAD . . . Was It A MISTAKE To Cut Off ALL HER HAIR????

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Actress Sanaa Lathan did THE BIG CHOP a few months ago – and it appears that she’s sticking with it.

Here is a recent video of a photo shoot that she did with Celebrity photog Derek Blanks for her upcoming Netflix Original film, Nappily Ever After.

Sanaa has shared several styles and wigs for the movie.

Following her big chop last summer, Lathan appeared to be growing her hair back, showing off a low cut, cropped cut in her selfies. But - she's lopped it all off again.

In the behind the scenes video, she seems to be loving this hairless do. Styled by celebrity hairstylist and Invite Only Cabo standout - Larry Sims, and makeup artist, Nikoletta Skarlatos, Lathan rocks black denim jeans and a white spaghetti strap vest for the shoot. Keeping it sleek and simple.

Nappily Ever After drops sometime this year. Lathan has shared that she has already previewed a rough cut of the flick. Could this mean that the film's release is right around the corner?

The “Something Different” actress plays Violet Jones, who is living her best life until an accident at the salon forces her to reevaluate and start over. The film is an adaptation of a novel of the same name, penned by Trisha R. Thomas.

What do you think? Is she wearing the hell outta this bald cut - or does Sanaa Lathan need to cover it up with a wig?

Here is the footage of her behind the scenes shoot with Blanks: