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Actress Mo'Nique Decided To CHANGE UP HER LOOK . . . NO MORE PERM . . . She's Now Rockin' A BEAUTIFUL AFRO!! (Do You LIKE IT . . . Or NAH??)

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Monique is an Oscar Award winning actress, and one of the funniest female comics that the world has EVER seen. But recently, she hasn't been getting the acting opportunities that she deserves. Many say that it's Mo'Niques STUBBORNNESS that is hurting her.

But according to Mo'Nique it's basically her BLACKNESS that has been holding her back. Mo has spoken out about how she believes Hollywood forces Black actresses to BEG for roles. And she's said that she's not willing to do that.

Anyways, Mo'Nique is taking that same attitude with respect to her appearance. Check out her new look . .