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Actress Meagan Good and her husband Devon Franklin are getting pregnant. The couple announced today that they are officially working towards having a baby.

The couple made their announcement on Meagan's Instagram TV page,

Meagan first announced a new 30-day fitness challenge - and her her husband was playfully rubbing her belly.

Then, Meagan made clear that she and her husband are getting pregnant. The beautiful actress said that while she's not yet pregnant, the couple is planning on having children and would like to be fit when that time comes.

Meagan told her fans:

“I’m trying to really get in shape. It’s about to be my birthday and I’m trying to show people what 38 looks like,” Good announced to her followers. “And I’m trying to get ready for babies. I’m trying to be in the best shape of my life so that I can start from a good point and be in a good place when I get in the gym after that.”

Hundreds of fans and friends immediately took to Twitter to congratulate the happy couple:

This is not the first time the Good and Franklin, who wed in June 2012, have thrown out hints about wanting to expand their family. While visiting The Real earlier this year, Good was asked when she’d want to have children. “I’m going to take my time,” Good explained, revealing she had always been more of an animal person up until then. “I had monkeys a few years ago and now I have two hairless cats. I’m kind of like a Never Never Land person—so I’m going to wait. In the right time. I’m gonna take my time.”