Actress Maia Campbell claims that ‘Bill Cosby’ raped her.

Bill Cosby is currently in a Pennsylvania jail, facing s*xal assault charges. But a video has resurfaced, showing another woman alleging that the elderly actor ‘raped’ her.

The video, which first surfaced last year - is going viral again. The video shows Maia, who has a history of drug problems and mental illness, making the startling accusations.

Maia can be heard saying “Bill Cosby raped me.” The actress claims, in the video, that a man who identified himself as “Bill Cosby “ allegedly raped her.

The video resurfaced after Bill was found guilty of s*xual assault, and as such, is being viewed with a renewed interest.

Hundreds of new comments have poured in to the video in the past 24 hours. And some are suggesting that police investigate Maia’s claims.

Here is the video: