Actress LaLa Anthony Shows Her BEAUTY . . . And Her BOOTY . . . In NYC Streets!!

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La La Anthony wasn't letting the grey skies and rain get her down, as shetook cover under a large black umbrella. The TV personality's large, sunny smile was the perfect counter to the gloomy weather.

The paparazzi caught her attending a business meeting in Manhattan, and she looked amazing.

And it wasn't just her BIG SMILE that brightened up the day. Check out the view of Lala from BEHIND.


Besides being absolutely STUNNING. La La is also an amazing mother. In fact, Page Six recently reported that Kim Kardashian and Serena Williams go to La for parenting advice. 

You see La La's been doing this for YEARS, her 11-year-old son Kiyan is significantly older than Kim or Serena's kids so La La is very much EXPERIENCED. 

Even Kelly Rowland asks La for advice. Here's what she told Page Six:

“I’ll be with Kelly [Rowland] — her son, Titan, is younger — and she’ll be like, ‘What age did Kiyan get potty-trained? What age did he start playing sports?’ Stuff like that,” Anthony, 38, told Page Six at an Arm & Hammer House event in NYC this week. “Kim and I definitely swap mother tips, too; we’ll be out at dinner, and just start talking about it.”

But Anthony admits that her child-raising wisdom has its limits. “Serena and Kim both have girls, and I’m not the expert on girls,” she said. “I’m such a tomboy, and was very blessed to have a boy. But girly stuff? I’m not the one to call for that!”