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Actress KeKe Palmer Is PETTTYYYYY . . . She Allegedly PAID SOMEONE To Bust Out Rival MEHGAN JAMES' Car Windows . . . After A TWITTER FIGHT!!! (PICS)


Yesterday actress KeKe Palmer got into it with Basketball Wives' Mehgan James. During their back and forth, Mehgan claimed that KeKe may have been exposed to an incurable STD, and that KeKe's private area STUNK.

Well those are fighting words to some . . . and KeKe sounds like she's one of those people.

A few hours after Mehgan made those RECKLESS TWEETS, someone "mysteriously" busted out her car windows. Folks on social media are saying that KeKe PAID SOMEONE to do this.

Do y'all think KeKe is that petty??